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If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is great at sucking up pet hair then you need to take a look at the Henry 1200W, these hoovers are absolutely amazing.

Have you over paid and been let down by a Dyson, or even a Hoover vacuum? Most likely, well your next vacuum should definitely be a Henry, you will not be disappointed.


Henry 1200w vacuum cleaner XtraNot only will your Henry 1200W vacuum out perform a Dyson on suction tests, it is also a whole lot cheaper too.

Is this the best hoover for sucking up pet hair? It sure is, a Henry hoover has incredible suction, some say so much that it can stick to the carpet and be difficult to push.

Do not worry though, the Henry Xtra vacuum has two settings, hi and lo modes. You can switch to lo mode to reduce the suction and make it easier to push.

Another really great plus point for the Henry Xtra is that it has an impressive filtration system, this means it will never kick out any horrible smells. It will also keep in the bag what is sucked in, nothing will ever get out when it’s gone in.

There is even more good news, the cable is a whopping 10 meters long. This means that you do not have to keep un plugging it to move around the house.

Even though it is small, compact and lightweight, it has a pretty large capacity of 9L. It’s easy to change the bags and the filters, and they are very cheap to buy too.

The original Henry is good, yet if you go for the Henry 1200W Xtra it comes with a load of additional tools, perfect for cleaning up pet hair from around the home. It actually comes with the famous rotating power brush, which is very effective indeed.

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The best electric scooter with seat for adults all depends on what you require really. If you are a large tall and heavy adult then there is a great electric scooter for you. Also, if you are a short lightweight adult, there is a good option too.

Best Electric Scooter With Seat For Adults

The best electric scooter for you will not necessarily be the best electric scooter for another person. Take a look at our reviews to find the best one for your budget and your personal details.


Razor E300s Electric Scooter With SeatAlright, the best rated electric scooter with seat for adults is the Razor E300s. But there are some things that you need to know about this electric scooter before you buy it.

First of all, this electric scooter is too slow for heavy adults to use, I will reveal the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults to use later.

Also, the Razor E300s does not fold down, the good news is that the seat can be removed. Removing the seat could be a big advantage for most people.

The biggest turn on for most people to purchase the Razor E300s is that it is one of the cheapest electric scooters that you can buy for adults today.

Be aware that this electric scooter can only take a maximum weight of 15 stone, which is around 220 pounds.

The reviews on this electric scooter are amazing, the scooter comes across really well on Amazon, and being so competitively priced makes it a great starter scooter for adults to use.

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