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Slatwall Displays for Trade Shows Top Rated store logoGoGo Panels has a wide selection of slatwall displays, slatwall fixtures, and slatwall accessories.

Other displays like GOGO Panels, are manufactured to be completely installed/assembled without any tools. These are without doubt the best ones to go for.

Primarily slatwall displays are of two different forms: wall panels and freestanding fixtures.

There are numerous slatwall display types available for just about any retail business in the market.

Slatwall displays are one of the most popular shop fittings used to display product to the customer and to get high sales.

Visual displays and fixtures have great importance for your retail stores as they drive customers in large numbers and pursue them for quick purchases.

Slatwall displays need to be incredibly versatile so you can easily attach shelving accessories to the panels including hooks and acrylic shelves.

Panel store fixtures are used with slatted panels, and include such devices as slatwall inserts, and slatwall mouldings, which turn the panels into a myriad of advertising displays.

Slatwall panels offer a superb cost effective display option for any retail environment and should be utilised to maximise sales by any shop anywhere.

Slatwall Displays Top Tips:

slatwall displaysWhen using Slatwall Panel Connectors to make freestanding displays you should really use vertical slatwall panels.

Slatwall displays are attractive units and are ideal for pre-packed goods for use with slatwall hooks and accessories such as Acrylic shelves. They do come in a variety of sizes for those bulky items.

Slatwall Accessories:

You name it, there’s a slatwall accessory that can display anything. From all-metal fixtures such as hooks and hang rails to glass shelves and acrylic literature holders.

Slatwall easels are a great way to display your merchandise on slatwall.

You can create a smart-looking, bespoke display in your retail space with our versatile & popular slatwall panels.

Slatwall is versatile so you can use it where you like to display many products. Slatwall panels have been utilized in the retail industry for wall coverings and product displays for years.

One way is to make many of your fixtures slatwalls, those panels with grooves in them used for hanging accessories such as shelves, baskets, and bins.

There is also a Slatwall Bow Bin, which hooks directly into your slat wall panel.

Slatwall panels are the most widely used display product in the world. Use slatwall displays to highlight and feature certain items.

Hangable merchandise can include anything from bagged candy to jewelry, and slatwall hooks are convenient ways to display these items.

The displays consist of Slatwall Shelves of varying sizes, magazine & book displays, shelf brackets and display bins.

You can find ways to recreate them with the use of good slatwall stands that should assist to market your business and drive you more sales.

With Slatwall Panels and Displays the possibilities are endless! If you are not using them your business is missing out big style.

Combine slatwall panels with our floorstanding slatwall display fixtures , full vision showcase fixtures , sales counters and display tables to create a complete retail store layout.

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Examples of Good Slatwall Displays;

Need to know what really good slatwall displays should look like?

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